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Private Blog Network
Private Blog Network:

Another name for Private Blog Network is linked farm. It represents a group of blogs that are owned and controlled by the same person or entity. Also, the blogs can be loosely held by different individuals, or it can be a group of blogs managed by the same company.  The main purpose of Private Blog Network is to promote each of the blogs that are connected to that network. The search engine ranking of each of the blogs associated with the network will soar consequently. The advertising revenue of each of the blogs will also increase.

However, the tide turned against private blog networks in 2014 when Google placed a penalty on the use of manual auction ranking of PBNs. As a result, online marketers and search engine optimization experts were discouraged from the use of PBN to increase their ranking search engines. The limitation mentioned above is, however, a thing of the past.

Private Blog Network is growing in popularity by the day. Virtually anyone that has interest in improving the ranking of his/her website is involved in Private Blog Networks, same for niche site builders and anyone involved in search engine optimization

In recent times, Private Blog Networks are fast becoming essential components in the entire SEO process. This is due to high level of control that bloggers have with backlinks to their websites.

Despite the fact that many website owners, bloggers and virtually anyone involved in SEO is involved in Private Blog Networks, it is still a relatively new idea, and it has not reached its potential at all. Those who are new to the idea of Private Blog Networks commonly ask several questions as highlighted below:

  • How to add backlinks to money sites
  • How to build the domains
  • How to host registered domains
  • How to keep Private Blog Networks truly private
  • Where to find domains

Despite the little complications in the Private Blog Networks process, it is a relatively easy concept to understand.  Even a newbie will not need to be a professional blogger to know how it works so long as one can invest some period to learn the rope.

Private Blog Networks involves the use of expired domains to build high authority backlinks. Following the right process will help to improve your ranking and also gives you full ownership of your backlinks.

The points below highlights why you need to get involved in Private Blog Networks:

  • SEO: It is a well-known fact that backlinks represent the very center of web ranking on popular search engines. Private Blog Networks work as the perfect tool for optimising a website or group of websites/ blogs.
  • Flexibility: Private Blog Networks enable blog owners to own their backlinks. As a result, they can be more flexible whenever search algorithms get changed.
  • Authority: A well-planned out Private Blog Network will give you and your content additional authority in the business world. It will help you to reduce the time you spend on getting backlinks.

As hinted earlier, a Private Blog Network represents a network or group of websites made from expired domains.  However, you should not use just any expired domain while building Private Blog Network; you should use only expired domains that have very high authority. This way, you can further improve the site’s popularity and drive more traffic to it, towards increasing its rating on search engines. The backlink on low-quality domains does not have as much authority as those on high-quality domains.

Finding expired domain

No need to spend a dime while searching for an expired domain. You only need to visit websites where they are listed; some sites are dedicated to the task of listing out all expired domain in alphabetical order.  Keep it in mind, however, that you will end up spending more time if you followed this method when searching for high quality expired domains.  Aside from that, you can get the expired domains from brokers; this second approach helps to save time compared to the first. It may, however, cost you some money, but there is more assurance of getting high-quality domains this way.

If you go by way of the first method, you will need to carry out further research on the domain to find out if it is of high quality or not. However, most of the work is already done for you if you opt for the second option. Most of the brokers sell expired domains according to the quality of the domains. One of the methods to identify a high-quality domain is to check the estibot value of that domain.

Check below for the difference between free domain mining and paid domain mining

  • Begin your search using a seed URL having high and old authority links
  • You can simplify the process by using tools, like Xenu in searching for dead links; that is, links that display 404 errors.
  • You can also check the metrics of the domain and also find out if there is no spam.
  • Then you can choose any registrar of your liking to get the domain name you have sourced registered.

Paid domain

  • You can get this from brokers. Buying your high quality expired domains from brokers will help to save a lot of time.
  • The quality of the domain you get via this method is high and more reliable compared to what you get from free domain mining.
  • Sign up the process with the domain brokers is almost always free. After signing up, you can browse the series of high quality expired domains they have on sale.
  • After locating the domain of your choice, you should check its metrics and also ensure that there is no spam.
  • After purchasing your choice domain, you have the freedom to choose any registrar where to get it registered.

Footprints and IP address

These are some of the very important terminologies you must know when planning to build a Private Blog Network.

Footprints represent the evidence of your Private Blog Network. On the other hand, IP Addresses can help to reduce your footprint. All you need to do to make this possible is to place each of the domains in the Private Blog Network on a different IP address.

Hosting options

Different hosting options are available for your hosting your domain. You can get domains for free or buy from domain brokers, as discussed earlier. The two hosting options available are

 Cheap hosting

Check for its characteristics below:

  • This is undoubtedly the best option for you if you are dealing with a small or medium sized Private Blog Network
  • It does not cost you much at all; you may not pay more than $2 per month to register the domain. Also, it is scalable
  • You can register as many domain names as possible in your Private Blog Network; there is no maximum or minimum.
  • Despite the various benefits of this form of hosting, it is usually bedeviled with downtimes. Additionally, it can take you a very long time to set it up.

Reseller hosting

Check below for its characteristics

  • The purpose of setting up a reseller hosting account is to enable companies to buy hosting plans at wholesale price so that they can resell it at a later time.
  • After purchasing reseller hosting, you will be given unique IP addresses, which are usually located on different C blocks
  • Cheap hosting takes time to set up, as indicated earlier. The case is different with reseller hosting option; it is straightforward to set up and takes little or no time.
  • If you are dealing with a large or medium sized Private Blog Network, say Private Blog Network containing 10 to 15 domains, then this is the best option for you.
  • You are better off dealing with recommended hosts alone.

How to set up a Private Blog Network site

The process is not entirely difficult. However, they may sound confusing to a newbie. Be that as it may, simple steps you can follow in setting up the Private Blog Network website will be discussed below:

  • Find and register the domain: This had been discussed earlier. You have been informed about the free and paid methods of searching for a domain. You have also been hinted about the two hosting options available; that is, the cheap and reseller hosting options. Be that as it may, you must investigate each of the hosting options to be sure of its reliability before hosting your domains with them. The best way to do this is to read up reviews about the registrars. Recommended Domain Registration Service: Global Hosting Service
  • Install WordPress: After registering your domain, the next step is to install WordPress plugins; install as many of them as you can. Keep in mind that some WordPress plugins are available for free, while you may have to pay a premium for some other ones. The free ones can upscale your website, but you are always better off with the paid ones.
  • Change the default permalinks and widgets to something suitable to your purpose
  • Include videos and images to improve the looks: You can make your website look more authentic by including videos and images on it. The videos and images should, however, be optimized for the search engine. This way, they can improve your chance of getting indexed and also improve your visibility on search engines.
  • Add unique contents: The contents must be unique. It must also be properly written. You do not need more than five posts or thereabouts. More importantly, make sure the content is search engine optimized. This way, you can be sure of improving its ranking on search engines.
  • Include base pages: The search engine optimised written contents, images and videos are very important, same for the base pages; the base pages should include Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact and About Us. These pages may not sell your websites idea directly to the search engines, but they increase the trustworthiness and quality of your website.
  • Do not link immediately: You should exercise patience for about three weeks after which you can start linking your website to money sites. This way, you will not raise a red flag on Google.
  • Never forget to add outbound links to your money sites. The links should be added in-text. You can consult professionals if you do not know how to do this part by yourself
  • If you do all the items described above properly, it is a question of time before your website increases in rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Outbound links

How to link to money sites

The purpose of the entire process described above is how to direct more traffic to your website and make more money. This is why it is crucial to link your website to money sites. Check below for information on how to do it.

Factors to consider when creating outbound links will be enumerated below

  • Backlinks: When creating backlinks in your posts, it is not professional to include more than two backlinks for each of the posts. Also, make sure that each of the backlinks directs visitors to a different URL.
  • Footprint: It is very important to create variation while linking to money sites; this will ensure you do not leave footprints behind. To avoid footprints, you should also not include backlinks in every post you make on the website.
  • Link juice: You can share the link juice by linking your website to non-competitive niche that has relevant authority and similarity to your website

How to avoid footprints

One of the best ways to avoid footprint is to post unique contents on your website. You can also follow the steps below to avoid footprints:

  • Do not register all the domains you have in your Private Blog Network with a single registrar. Also, stick only to the well-established ones that had been around for long.
  • Additionally, avoid registering all your domains on the same day
  • Register each of the domains using different email
  • You can use fake names and WhoIs Privacy protection interchangeably for each of your domains during the registration process.
  • Make sure you use unique C Block IP address.
  • Never host your Private Blog Network sites with one company; use different hosting companies
  • The theme used for each of the PBN domains must also be different
  • Avoid using nonunique or spun contents
  • The plugin combination used for each domain must also be different

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