Latest SEO Techniques, Tricks and Tips

Latest SEO Techniques, Tricks and Tips
Latest SEO Techniques, Tricks and Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is undoubtedly the most important aspect of your online business. If you want your website to gain the adequate attention of your clients, then you need to go into search engine optimization. Search engine optimization makes your website visible. It can direct more traffic to your website and make it stand out from the crowd.
Each month in the United States, up to 12 billion web searches are being conducted, according to There are indications that search engine optimization will take a new form in this New Year and will have a stronger influence on your web popularity.
With proper SEO, you can improve the credibility of your website and business, boost your brand, get more visibility for your website and drive top quality traffic to the website. Your popularity will increase all the more with the increase in quality traffic. If the website is set up for money making, you can then smile more often to the bank.
Most people know the many benefits of SEO, but very few individuals know what to do or how to go about making their websites search engine optimised. The information in this write-up will open your eyes to several tips and tricks to make your SEO work bear the desired fruit within as little time as possible. The techniques described here are in agreement with the latest SEO procedures. As a result, adopting them will ensure your website can attain that desired top place on top-line search engines, like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
Go Social
You can take things to the next level by involving the social media in your SEO activities. You should create LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts, especially for your online business and make sure the website is linked directly to these social media pages. Never forget to include links to your website on your social media pages and also make it very easy for your visitors to access your social media pages from your website by creating links to these social media sites on the website. The number of links generated by your social media accounts will increase the credibility of your website and will attract more clients to do business with you.
The social media will gain more importance on the SERPs this new year and in the future. Up to 76% marketers are already using social media to market and increase website’s popularity since it can boost SEO like none other. Anyone not engaging the benefits of the social media may find him/herself being cut off from the unprecedented flow of traffic obtainable from social media.
Consider the tips below when going social:
• Integrate the social media links into your website
• Provide complete profile information since such is favored by search engines and it also makes you look more professional
• Align social media and SEO keywords for more visibility
• The keywords used in your ad campaigns, blog content, and website, must also be used on your social media pages.
• Take off that toga of formality on social media and be social when relating to your clients.
• The image you use on social media should be branded cover images
• Never lose control of your social media account. Never allow any of your employees to use any personal email address to manage or create your social media account.
• Seek third-party endorsement; that is, from other related website business, clients and visitors
• Consistently update the content on your social media pages to get people always talking about your brand
• Take your social media campaign offsite by informing your friends offline and linking them to your social media pages.
• Google+ must never be left behind in your social media promotion.
• Never forget to publish visual media on your social media pages, like infographics, graphs, slideshows, videos, and photos.
• Make everything you post on your social media pages sharable; this will further increase your social media popularity.
Video marketing
The world had known about article marketing for years, but video marketing is creeping in gradually and taking the center stage. People find it more comfortable watching videos than reading contents. Video provides a more entertaining method of getting information, while content reading may be a little bit boring. Aside from informing your audience, videos also entertain them. You can shoot your web ranking to the stars on SERPs by including lots of videos on your website. In case you do not know, video now takes up to 62% of all Google searches across the globe; this is in line with a reported released by Marketing Land. These days, Google gives more attention to blended searches/results. If you desire to appear on the front page and among the first spots of popular search engines, then it is high time you included video in your web content. Videos have 50 times more organic page ranking than ordinary static, plain text in Google. Video contents can gain up to 41% more click-through compared to static, plain text in line with a finding conducted by You can upload your video via video SEO or YouTube
Check below for tips on video marketing to improve SEO
• Place more focus on the big picture by making videos a lot of people will love to watch
• Choose the video topics very carefully; you should make sure keywords are included in the topic. You should also think from the visitor’s perspective when choosing the topic from your video
• The keywords should be adequately descriptive of the purpose or focus of the video. Choose your keywords based on what real people may want to use when searching for related information
• Find out the tags being targeted by similar videos by using Tubebuddy
• You can find more longtail keywords by conducting your search using “_KEYWORD.”
• Your keywords can be gotten from the title of very popular videos ranking for the target keywords you are focusing on.
• You can use private browsers to find more titles that you can target in your video
• Always check the score of your keywords before using them. Tubebuddy will give you the score.
• When choosing keywords for your video, you can use your channel name or personal name.
• Included your tags in your video description and in “tags” box
• Never forget to embed the videos you have uploaded on YouTube on your website
• The same keywords should be used in your videos and web pages to create an agreement between the two
• When recording your video, never forget to say your target keywords and title in the video. This is very important since YouTube is also listening to your video
• No one changes a winning team. When a video-making method is performing well, avoid changing it.
• You must focus on the quality and entertaining values of the video while making it. Your video needs to be enjoyable and engaging for you to rank well.
Finally, do not forget that YouTube is owned by Google.
Mobile optimization is a must
It is crucial to include mobile optimization in your search engine optimization activities. You may be losing out of a lot of traffic if your business website is not mobile-friendly. Keep in mind that your target audience is not in one place any longer. Also keep in mind that web surfers now access the internet via different devices, like PC, phone watches, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Many of the online business brands have gone mobile-friendly; you too should follow suit. Mobile-First index was announced to kick off in 2018. As a result, mobile optimization will more or less become a norm and not an exception. As a result, you should change the way you are conceptualizing and creating SEO strategies for mobile searches
Up to 43% increase has been recorded in the number of web surfers accessing the internet via mobile devices, according to There are indications that many more people will tow this line in the future. This means making your website mobile-optimised will take your business to the next level. Check the factors below as regards the popularity of mobile devices in internet browsing:
• Up to 95% of those searching for local information do so via their smartphones
• Globally, 15% of those searching for information do so via mobile devices
• More than 1.2 billion people surf the internet from their mobile devices
• 70% of those using mobile devices to search the internet perform the desired online action within one hour
• Four out of five consumers use smartphones for shopping.
The above points should give you an idea of how crucial mobile optimization is.
Follow the tips below when carrying out mobile optimization
• Add Splash Screens and iOS icons
• Combine your media queries with multiple image sizes
• Get your images optimised, which will reduce the load-time of your web content. Keep quality high and also keep the file size down at the same time.
• Consider SVG, which means Scalable Vector Graphics
• Use the right fonts; fonts have somewhat similar impact on your web content like the graphics. Adequate space should exist between the letters for improved readability
• Treat your text as part of the UI
• Apply contrasting colors acceptably and engagingly.
• Design mobile menus if it is not included in your current platform theme
• Where possible, replace images with CSS3.
• Test how your design and images appear on mobile devices using specific tools designed for that purpose, like StudioPress, BrowserStack, Divi, etc.
The additional tips you must consider are highlighted below:
• Make sure you use proper anchor texts for your inter-links. When choosing anchor texts, avoid texts “there,” “here” and so on. It may be difficult avoiding them at times, but try as much as possible; it is in your best interest.
• Your optimization should not be limited to the words or write-ups on your website alone; make sure your images are also optimised; this can be done by creating alt tag and writing an image description the alt tag.
• The permalinks you use in your search engine optimization should be SEO friendly. Too many characters, like “?”, “!”, “&,” and so on should not be included in the permalinks. There are times it may be difficult to keep away such characters, but you should try as much as possible to avoid them.
• You can further improve the readability of the written contents on your website by adding hyphens between words, e.g., health-wisely, write-up, and so on.
• You should only use hyphens (-) in your URLs and avoid using underscores (_).
• Avoid using session id in your URLs. You may not have to bother about this if you are using a very good hosting plan. However, it is better to completely avoid them since even the best hosting plan may experience downtime at times.
• Your URL should not contain any capital letter. The sensitivity of Windows servers may turn things against you as the potential visitor typing lowercases may not be able to access your website. You can avoid confusion and frustration by using only lowercase characters.
• Whenever appropriate and possible, never forget to make use of internal linking in your SEO
• Make use of sticky posts if it applies to you and you know how to use it
• Make sure you include a category description paragraph on your website
• Allow your website visitors to subscribe to category-specific RSS feed. If you are using WordPress, you can simply install category specific RSS plugin on your website.
• Never forget to use rel=“nofollow” tag when dealing with low-value links to enable you to benefit from the page rank juice.
• It is better to use sub-directories instead of sub-domain when such is possible. Your visitors cannot share any link they love with sub-domains from your main domain since it is seen as a different domain.
• Never forget to research your target audience and also organize the content on your website appropriately.
• Always update the contents on your website; it will do you a world of good. Your visitors will be put off when they see that your contents are out-dated. The search engine spiders will be attracted to your website to get your web page indexed on frequent basis if you update your contents
Search engine optimization is the in-thing and the earlier you started engaging in it, the better for you. Keep all the tips mentioned above in mind, and you will never get it wrong. While there may be one or two other tips not mentioned here, the ones provided here can take you to the next pedestal in your internet marketing effort.

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