Online Entrepreneurship Can Be The Path To Stress-Free Living — Or Not

Online Entrepreneurship Can Be The Path To Stress-Free Living — Or Not


Online entrepreneurship is the goal of an increasing segment of global populations. The ability to work when you want — and where you want — means freedom for many who otherwise would be tied to a 9-to-5 job.


What is often unrealized is this: stress levels may continue despite new found ‘freedom.’ If managed, stress can be beneficial for an online entrepreneur. If not managed properly, stress can kill a business before even gets off the ground floor.


Majority Seen An Online 


An annual survey exploring “entrepreneurism” has found most people would prefer to be self-employed. Impediments include a load of obstacles especially linked to financial resources.


Conducted by a Dubai-based job recruitment site, data was collected between October 1 and October 22, 2017, and almost 5,000 persons responded.


Despite the majority of respondents reporting a desire to be online entrepreneurs, 85% were presently employed in a traditional job.


Respondents indicated ‘personal fulfillment,’ ‘freedom to choose work-life equity’ and less stress as top reasons for seeking to make online entrepreneurship a keystone in their lives.


The report on mentioned another objective of persons seeking a presence in online entrepreneurship: stress, but the article doesn’t talk about dealing with stress as an online entrepreneur.


Manage Stress Or It Will Manage You


According to an annual study by American Psychological Association’s Office of International Affairs, stress is rampant, and it’s rising. As an entrepreneur, one way to hang in there is to find a less stressful job. The other choice is to fight stress with the right coping skills.


There are four, actionable, methods to build a personal stress management strategy.


  1. Stress is Only Physiological


Sun Tzu, the Chinese strategist, provides a starting point: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, do not fear the result of a hundred battles.”


Once stress is understood, dealing with tension becomes easier. First, recognize how stress is triggered in your body each time you have a fire to put out in your business.


  1. Good and Bad Stress


Yes — there is ‘good stress.


Without stress, entrepreneurs can become depressed and lose direction. Not reaching for goals and failing to overcome challenges can be damaging. ‘Good stress’ is the feeling we get when we’re enthusiastic about something. Our bodies react with healthy heart-rates when we are excited and motivated. The key to discovering the “sweet spot” between stress that paralyzes and stress which motivates rests in our minds. The way we perceive challenges — either threatening or enjoyable — makes the difference.


  1. Optimal Mental Environment


There is a space between stimulus and response. In that void is our power to choose a response. Our internal dialogue — how we speak to ourselves, is accountable for our stress. As we continually evaluate our experiences, we determine if each is pleasant or unpleasant, threatening or boring.


Entrepreneurs have a choice in the process of managing day-to-day mindsets instead of just relying on habit.


  1. Stay on Good Terms


Stay healthy and on speaking terms with your body. Exercise reduces stress and regular exercise works as well as medication in reducing anxiety and depression. There’s more though than just physical exertion. There is research showing the connection between body and mind.


“Body Awareness” exercises help by giving attention to stress levels, pains and sensations while relieving stress.


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