Professional Guides and Tips about Event Blogging

Event Blogging
Professional Guides and Tips about Event Blogging 

You can make a lot of money from event blogging. If you think otherwise, the content of this write-up will convince you. If you have tried it without making much money out of it, then it is because you lack adequate information on how to go about it. This is why this write-up is put together: to educate you on how to make some cool money for yourself in event blogging. Making money from event blogging takes a lot of patience; yes, patience is golden in virtually every human endeavor.  Continue reading to find out how you can go about making thousands of dollars for yourself via event blogging.

What is event blogging?

It is a special form of blogging that focuses on events taking place on a particular day, week or month. If you do things right, you can make thousands of dollars in that single day, week or month of the event. This may sound like a fake, but there are living testimonies to its effectiveness.

The concept

If today is Valentine’s Day, for example, and you have a laptop or smartphone with an internet connection, you will most probably be searching for or reading information about the best valentine gift to buy for your girlfriend or looking for where you can get romantic Happy Valentine Day wishes.  You are not the only one looking for such information; in fact, virtually everyone on the globe will be making a similar search.  Many of those who are carrying out such searches, if not all, would do their search via Google, a viral search engine.

What to do in event blogging is to create your blog about a particular event or topic and then carry out search engine optimization of that blog. What you must target is making it to the top on popular search engines, like Google. This is possible if your search engine optimization is done correctly and professionally.

Do not forget to add a perfect keyword or group of keywords to the content of the blog, and this will make your rise to the front page and front top spot on search engines a lot easier. You need to keep in mind that you are not the only one blogging about this particular event. The winning factor is the quality of SEO done by the people involved in it.  If you can get your blog to the top spot on search engines, it will be easier to get millions of traffic to that blog on that day of the event.

After doing your best to make your blog adequately optimised, the next thing is to monetize the blog via AdSense.  Many of the visitors will click on the ads on the blog, and this is how to make money via event blogging.

Types of event you can consider

You can choose from many of the popular events around to make good money.  Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Holiday: Examples are Christmas Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Independent Day.
  • Sports: Examples are World Cup, football leagues, Olympic, Wrestlemania and IPL
  • Live show: Examples are Game of Thrones, BiggBoss, Wrestlemania, WWE, DID Grand Finale and IIFA.
  • Launch & Offers: Examples are Black Friday, Big Billion Day Sale, Galaxy S6 Launch and Freedom 251
  • Entertainment: Examples are Box Office Collection, movies release and movies trailers.

You can choose from any of the events listed above, or conduct your search online. When choosing an event, make sure it is a trendy one that can attract a lot of visitors.

When to start event blogging

This is a fundamental issue to consider. When should you start the event blogging to make good money out of it? The best time to start is about two months to the date of that event. If it is World Cup competition, for example, you should start blogging about it minimum of two months to the kick-off of the event. The rule above only holds for a newbie. If you are not a newbie, on the other hand, you can start your event blogging some 45 days or one month to the date of the event.  The rule above applies to those who are opening a new blog for that event. If you are using an old domain, on the other hand, you can start blogging about that event just some 15 days before the event kicks off.  This will give you adequate time to carry out the necessary search engine optimization for pushing your blog to the front page and top spot of popular search engines. If you are an old hand, ranking a website should not be difficult for you at all.

How to choose the best event

Many events have been highlighted above, and they can all make you money if you know how to go about setting things up. Be that as it may, you need to consider a couple of factors before you choose any of the events to blog about. You can make your choice of an event based on personal interest or what you are knowledgeable about.  If you are a sports lover, for example, and you have a good knowledge about sports, including latest updates and news, you can decide to blog about the World Cup event and start your blogging some two months before the event kicks off. The extra knowledge and interest you have in this area will make your blog attractive to visitors.

Some of the most profitable events you can blog about are highlighted below:

  • Veterans Day, which comes up on the 11th of November
  • Halloween, which comes up on the 31st of October
  • Friendship Day, which comes up on the 7th of August
  • Teachers Day, which comes up on the 5th of September
  • Diwali, which comes up on the 30th of October

Christmas Day is yet another popular and profitable event to blog about, same for New Year day or Boxing Day; do not forget that many individuals will be on the lookout for great gifts they can send to their loved ones on Christmas and Boxing days.

Do you prefer to venture into the entertainment world? You can go for any of the upcoming famous movies or even movie premieres. Make sure it is a top-rated movie that will attract attention. One of the factors to determine the popularity of a movie is the caliber of actors and actresses that feature in it.

Researching keyword for the event

The secret to pushing your blog to the first spot on Google and other popular search engines is professional keyword research.In fact, doing things right would have helped with half of the entire process.  How can you find the best keywords for the event you want to blog about? Continue reading to find out.

What you need to do is to find one main keyword and about ten related keywords.  These related keywords can be used for the backlinking process.

First of all, open a Notepad Document in which to record the keywords you want to work with.

You can opt for Google Keyword Planner for the Keyword Research. It always works well and has never failed before.

Follow the steps given below to get your keyword research done

  • First of all, visit Google and type in any keyword into the Google search box that relates to the event you want to blog about. If you are blogging about Happy Independent Day, for example, type it in full in the Google search box. Make sure you open country-specific Google before you start doing this. If you are targeting the United States, for example, just go to If you are targeting India, on the other hand, go to
  • After the page has loaded, scroll to the bottom of the newly opened Google search engine page. You will see a list of items written in blue color. These are the keywords that you need for your event blogging. Write down the keyword or key phrase written in blue in the Notepad Document you opened earlier. These keywords will be used in the Google Keyword Planner.  Using them will supply you with a good volume of main keywords and all relevant keywords
  • Open Keyword Planner by visiting, provided you are focusing on India.
  • Put the keyword you have jotted down in the Notepad Document in the search box. Type any web address in the Your Landing page space. Then, click on All Category. Then choose the category of event you want to blog about. Next, choose the last two or three months or the last one year in the space provided for date ranges.
  • Next, you will be presented with many keywords and the search volume for each of the keywords. Opt for that keyword or set of keywords that have the highest search volumes among the ones presented to you. Then write them down in the Notepad Document.
  • Next, enter the next keyword you copied from Google search result earlier. Repeat the same process as described above and list out the keywords with the highest search volumes.  Again, record these keywords in the Notepad Document
  • Repeat this process until you have obtained up to 10 or more keywords with high search volumes and record all of them in the Notepad Document. Now, check the list of keywords in your Notepad Document and pick the one with the highest search volume as the main keyword.
Choosing the right domain name

This is also as important as any of the items discussed above. It is essential to pick the right domain name to get the desired result from your event blogging.  Some are of the opinion that domain name does not really matter. Be that as it may, it is in your best interest to choose the right domain name for event blogging.  You can, however, rank any domain provided your SEO and content are perfect.

The best domain name to use is the Exact Match Domain (EMD).  This is a type of domain name containing one of the keywords in your blog content. Using such a domain name will increase your search CTR.  If you are blogging about Independent Day, for example, people will prefer to click on domain names that are related to Independent Day compared to other domain names.

After choosing the domain name for your blog, you can get it registered at any of the reliable domain registrars around. Find out if the registrar provides top quality service and can host domains related to the blog you are working on, be it WordPress, Blogger or others.  If you are focusing on India, it is better to include .in as the extension for your domain name. Those targeting the United States can opt for a domain name with .org or .com extension. Recommended web for domain registration: Global Hosting Service

Setting up your blog

You can use WordPress, Blogger or any other convenient blog for your event blogging.  Blogger stands out among the lot in that Google owns it; believe it or not, this can be an added advantage for website ranking on Google.  You may face the problem of up-downs that occur on shared hosting when you use other blogs, but this is never the case with Blogger.  The fact that Blogger is a product owned by Google gives an assurance of security. Creating a Blog on is very easy, and even a newbie will not have a problem getting it done. You also need to upload your blogging template, or you can get a free template from

After creating the blog and hosting the domain, it is time to set up the blog for money making.  One of the first steps involves adding your blog to Google Webmaster Tool

How to rank your blog

You can rank your blog by considering the points below:

  • Your content must be of top quality. Additionally, it must include the main keyword and the other keywords. Then, make sure you publish posts on the blog on a daily basis. You can make as many as three posts per day if you can.
  • Backlinking is equally essential, and it must be done daily or every other day. Make sure the backlinking is indexed naturally so that it does not contain spam
  • You should gain social signal or buy some from Fiverr. Your blog will also benefit a lot from Google plus vote. You will equally rank higher if you get social signals from social media sites, like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.


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