How Can Viral Blogging Transform Your Online And Offline Business?

Viral Blogging
How Can Viral Blogging Transform Your Online And Offline Business?

A viral blog is more or less a post on your blog that gets shared and read more than any other post on that blog; the definition cannot be simpler than that. The advantages are numerous to say the fact.  You will find viral blogging helpful if you want to monetize your blog or give your blog the deserved popularity. Viral blogging is the perfect way to boost the ranking and speed of your website or blog. There is also no cheaper way to get to the notice of search engines than via viral blogging.

Are you a network manager, an internet marketer or a simple blogger? You can benefit a lot from viral blogging.  Professionals in the real estate industry will also find viral blogging beneficial to their businesses. Consequently, you will find viral blogging to be helpful, either you are into an online or offline business. Viral blogging can also help increase your popularity on Twitter and other social media platforms to which your blog is linked.

Benefits of Viral Blogging

  • Exceptional growth

Viral blogging can generate a lot of traffic to your website or blog. Every post you make on the website or blog can attract a lot of traffic that will increase your popularity in no time at all.  As the traffic increases, many more people can participate in and recommend the products and services you offer on the website or blog. The customers will also make positive comments on your website after reading the great contents you post on the blog; such comments will only push your website or blog to limelight even more. Your visibility to the search engine will increase, and you can even make it to the first spot on the popular search engines.

  • List building

Every online business needs to build a mailing list to be successful. Aside from existing customers, the business also should have the emails of potential customers on the list. Both groups of customers can help bring more recognition to your online business. The potential and existing customers can be contacted when you have a new product or service that you would want to make public. Those on the list can be trusted better than those who are not. Viral blogging will help make your website or blog popular, thereby increasing the number of those who sign up on your website for newsletters or notifications, which will help to elongate your mailing list and increase the publicity for your products and services.

Bear in mind that the number of fishes you can catch can depend on the number of hooks you have in the water. In the same vein, the amount of traffic you have generated for your blog or the number of people you have on your list can determine how many people take an interest in the products and services you offer, as well as the number of sales you can generate.

Moreover, more pages from your websites or domain will get indexed in the popular search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing; this will be the case if you add more content to your website on a frequent basis. Your indexed pages will further increase your website traffic and visibility.

  • Credibility and authority

The credibility of your website can be improved via viral blogging. Viral blogging will bring more recognition to your website and increase how much business you can do on that website or blog.  If the products and services offered on your website are of top quality, many more people will take interest in the product and have faith in the services you offer on that website.

  • Going viral

The popularity of your website is assured if the content on the site is of top quality.  If you have great contents on the blog or website, it is a question of time before you attain the top spot on search engines and get many followers on social media. Also, it is a question of time before your brand becomes a household name in your chosen niche.  You will never need to buy likes or followers since you will get them via the great contents that you post on the website or blog.

  • Marketing

Your marketing strategy will generate more positive results, thanks to viral blogging. It can bring in more traffic and ensure your marketing effort reaches the target audience, which will increase sale and social media popularity. Viral blogging also helps to reduce how much you have to spend on marketing. It will bring the traffic quickly, and you only need to introduce your products and services to them in an acceptable manner.  With the right content, the little amount of money you spend on marketing will go a long way in increasing the popularity of your products and services; consequently, you can make more money than someone that set aside a huge budget for internet marketing.

  • Humanize your brand

Viral blogging can show you a new way to touch on concerns and issues that can interest your existing and prospective clients. There is no better way to take the word directly to the target audience than via viral blogging. Since many people now access the internet through their mobile devices, viral blogging can make your posts available to them everywhere they go, which will further increase the traffic to your blog or website. Aside from selling products and services, you can also use the website to inform your target audience about your personality, dispositions, and viewpoints. Consequently, you can build trust with them and help them to know you better, which will make them take more interest in your brand.

Tips for Creating a Viral Blog Post

In the next phase of this write-up, you will learn about how to create a viral blogging post. Follow the steps below to start making your blog or website popular

#1 Find a great topic

You need a great and highly attractive topic to get the right attention that will make the content go viral.  The topic should be related to what is trending presently and not just any topic for that matter. People should want to read the content by simply glancing at the topic.  Checking other blogs in your niche can give you an idea of what topic to bring up for your blog post. When you are in those other blogs or websites, look for topics that have attracted a lot of shares, comments, and reads; this can give you an idea of how to craft your topic; this means you should avoid copying that topic word for word.

#2 Choosing your headline

The headline needs to grab attention so that it can attract the right attention. The chance of the post going viral is very slim if you do not make the headline grabby. You should not be in a rush to create the headline. The headline should be informative and attention-grabby; be that as it may, it must never be too long. In its shortness, it must convey the idea and message you want the reader to have. The headline must bear a message that is short and adequately descriptive, but the words must not be too long. The first five words of the title should be enough to tell the reader what you are about to say in the body of your content; that post may not get the right attention if you cannot do that.

#3 Get the right readers

You need to attract the right people or target to read your posts. It does not matter how attractive or interesting the content is; if it does not get to the right audience, the blog post will never go viral.  You need to get the message across to the right individuals that have interest in what you have written. How can you get to the right people or attract the right target? First of all, get the word out and make sure you are seen everywhere on the internet. Create backlinks and provide the link to the great content on your social media. You can get the right traffic if you can build trust and social proof. Once the right traffic starts coming, and they enjoy your write-up, you can get a lot of comments, likes and tweets on those posts, which will further push the post to the consciousness of many more people.

#4 Post on a top blog                   

One of the best ways to publicize your blog is to post your contents or links to those posts on popular websites or blogs in your niche. You can also post on those popular niches in the form of a guest post. You can also time the post to make sure that it goes appears on that top blog around the same time that it will appear on your website. Many visitors will read your guest post on that popular blog and will find their ways to your website or blog. Consequently, your blog post will go viral in no time.


#5 Make your post helpful

You can get a lot of traffic to your post if it sounds helpful to the intended audience. If they find it helpful, the target audience will be compelled to like, share and comment on the post, which will further shoot its popularity to the skies. It is now left for you to craft the post in such a way that it will solve specific problems and produce helpful information that the target audience is interested in.

Bear in mind that your audience is the main focus of your blog post. This is why it is very important to carry them along every step of the way. It should be about providing them with information and helping them to get better. While composing the post, keep in mind that your blog will have no popularity if the readers are not there to read the post. Make sure that a lot of advice, tips, and details are provided in this write-up. However, the contents should be presented in an easy-to-read manner so that every line can be interesting to the reader. The reader needs to find the information in the post very useful for the blog post to go viral.

#6 Respond to comments

Once your posts get the desired attention, a lot of likes and comments will follow. Never leave any comment without a response. Engaging the readers will keep them more interested and make them see you as a cool person. Such responses will also give a human face to the posts and compel the readers to trust your blog more than before. There is no better way to build a solid relationship with your readers than by responding to their comments. You must not just respond, but respond fast.  In fact, every individual that comments on your post must be treated like gold, and this will further increase the popularity of the blog.

Some of the comments will include questions, and responding to those questions in the right way will present you as an informed professional in that niche; this will make the reader respect your viewpoint and come to your blog often in the future. They will equally be encouraged to like, share and drop more comments on your blog in the future. They will further spread the words to their friends and loved ones, which will help push your website to the top spot on a search engine as you have always desired.


Viral blogging is among the best ways to get the word out and push your website or blog to the top spot on search engines. There is no faster way to bring in more traffic and make your products and services popular than this. Viral blogging can also turn you into a respected authority in your niche. Yes, viral blogging is highly beneficial to your online business, but you have a lot of groundwork to do if you must enjoy the benefits; the groundwork has been described above. Following them to the letter will give your blog that highly desired revival and unprecedented popularity on search engines and the social media.

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